12 mars 2014

New journal


New j o u r n a l, please follow me here instead! My feelings, my thoughts, my awakeness. 

14 december 2013

In a couple of hours I'm back to my love, my ocean and my nature, I can't wait.

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10 december 2013

1 december 2013

Sometimes you just need a break from everything, even your journal. 
But now I'm back! 

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29 oktober 2013

17 oktober 2013

12 oktober 2013

Have a beautiful and creative saturday everyone! I sure will! 

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6 oktober 2013

I'm so sorry for this  l a t e  blogpost! There's been a lot going on, moving to Malmö, working hard, vacations. But when I'm settled in my new hometown I promise to update more! By the way, I absolutely  l o v e  this city.

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27 september 2013

19 september 2013

One again, fragileness - so beautiful and so innocence.

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