9 juli 2012

Dream office

It's a couple of years left until I can afford my one office but hey, you 
can still dream, right? 

I'm right now in Uppsala for some more vacation time, but the sun dosen't 
want to shine. It's so grey and it's raining! Well well, a reason to blog more... 

Have a lovely monday! 

pics via: my pinterest

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Amanda, this office project seems so perfect to your mood... I'm just working on my husband one's at the moment... and it's rather exciting I may say... but not so easy to check everything especially because it's a new job, and a new region for him... although people will come and have to feel the right mood... when it's functionnal and simple too! Enjoy Uppsala time!

  2. Där kan man va! Drömmer också ..