14 augusti 2012

Home is..

'Home is the person or place you want to return to over and over' - true that! 
I have lived at my apartment for almost 3 years now and I feel that I'm finally getting the harmony and feeling I want in the apartment, it really took a while though. But I believe that the most important thing is not to stress about how you want your interior to be, let it take time, that is my biggest tip. 

By the way I just bought a new couch, it looks a bit like the couch on the second picture and I love it. I'll show you guys some pictures later! 

Now - press preview for Ikea's katalog 2013, exciting! Have a beautiful day.

pics via: my pinterest

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  1. Jag ser fram emot att se bilder...ser lite ut som Karlstad från Ikea, men svårt att se, fint. Jag besökte en riktigt inspirerande konstnär och hans trädgård förra veckan, titta in om du vill se bilder därifrån. Kram Klara