3 oktober 2012

Illustration C R U S H

I really have a illustration period - I just want to decorate my whole 
(not very big though) apartment with these beauty's. So I could't insist 
of buying two yesterday - the loving owl by so talented Tovelisa at 
Nordic Design Collective and the elephant poster by amazing 
Jenny von Döbeln at Mokkasin. And I already feel of buying some more ! 

The prints: 
Pirum Parum at Fine Little Day 
Africa and The Moon at Mokkasin
Ghosts Evertwhere at Keep Calm Gallery
A and Circus Hein at Stilleben Shop
The owl at Nordic Design Collective

2 kommentarer:

  1. My favorite pear!


  2. Oj, ATWTP i guld - kan det bli bättre?!