31 december 2012

One day left

One day left of this year! It sure has been a changing year, a lot of good stuff 
but also some bad. Well, I guess that is part of life, you will constantly meet 
different obstacles and you just have to get through them. I believe that you 
only get stronger and more aware of life! 

2013 will be a beautiful year, I can feel it. Even more changing, meeting amazing people, doing the stuff you love and just keep living! The best part is that it get's lighter and lighter for each day, how wonderful?

Happy new year everyone and thank you for this year! <3

27 december 2012

Berlin Berlin

After eating tuns of Christmas food and just relaxing, I think I'm ready for 
some adventure in Berlin with my besties! New Year's have never been my 
day but I think New Year's in Berlin is going to be absolutely amazing! 

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram - amarodriguez, I promise to update a 
lot more there than here! 

See ya! 

Pics via: my pinterest

24 december 2012


Merry Christmas everyone! I really hope you guys have a beautiful day 
with tuns of love and food.


pics via: my pinterest

23 december 2012

Those legs

Legs legs legs, just can't get enough of them. I'm so inspired of the different 
shapes that the legs shows. By the way, legs is one of my favorite part of a 
woman body - so beautiful. 

One day left! Time for some last christmas shopping.. 

pics via: my pinterest - l e g s

22 december 2012


Metallic is so freakin' beautiful, especially to a strong color like pink, 
orange, coral.. you name it! 

Now it's time for some Christmas baking - knäck and a soft cinnamon 
cake is on the list! Yum. I hope you guys have a nice saturday with tuns 
of cozyness..

pics via: my pinterest

21 december 2012

Last day

Ok, it's the last day of work for this year. Kind of sad but pretty nice as well, 
we been working so hard this fall! What a amazing year I had but I'm so so 
so looking forward to 2013! 

So now it's time for some christmas shopping (I know, I'm so late) and some 
christmas cooking, and then I'm off to Berlin for a week with a big group of 20 people! YES! 

Have a great friday! 

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19 december 2012

Just another wednesday

Just some lovely images! Have a beautiful day everyone!

pics via: my pinterest

When concrete meets wood

Ok everyone, my new official website is up. Check out my latest work - 
'When concrete meets wood', photographed by my talented Elin Strömberg
I'll tease you with one here but you'll see more at my page


17 december 2012



Now when it's so cold outside you just want to cuddle up in tuns of fabric. 
Hey, don't be afraid to mix different patterns, I love a mix of patterns and colors. 

Have a cozy evening! 

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14 december 2012

Pink friday

Yey it's friday! Tuns of work just before Christmas, which I love but I'm pretty exhausted now. It's going to be nice with 2 days of - tuns of good wine, good food and amazing people, could I ask for more?! Have the best weekend!

pics via: my pinterest