30 januari 2013

I love black

Yes I do, and I love the sound of the rain on my windows - that is such a spring sign!

pics via: pinterest 

29 januari 2013


My latest work - 'when concrete meets wood', photographed by Elin Strömberg is now featured in the cool web magazine This is paper. Thanks! 

28 januari 2013

This is paper

Stunning work from the site This is paper. The flowery still life's are made 
by talented Margo Weijer and the mirror pictures are made by Tetsuo Kondo ArchitectsIf you love design, architecture, photography, interior, fashion - you name it, you just have to check This is paper out! 

25 januari 2013

24 januari 2013


It's thursday and today I feel for these amazing pics, soft and beautiful kitchen details! 

pics via: pinterest

23 januari 2013

I'm longing for you


Yes,  s u m m e r  I'm so ready for you, I can't wait to dress in soft, light colors! 

pics via: pinterest

21 januari 2013

Beige fashion

Beige, nature, powder pink, offwhite, eggshell, crispy white. Yes all of those 
colors are just stunning, just like these amazing photos - I want them all. 

pics via: pinterest

18 januari 2013

The beauty of hiding

I really have a thing for the hidden identity. When you hide a persons face, 
the picture get so much more interesting - 'who is that person', 'what is she
thinking about', 'what does she look like' and so on. I can only say - 

the beauty of the obscure.

pics via: pinterest